Experts in Weld Procedure Specifications

Safe, resilient quality welding is at the core of most pipeline infrastructure, which is why all welding must legally be carried out to Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) by qualified Welders.

To ensure high-quality results, WPS are required to be compliant with either maritime welding or international standards, as well as conforming to additional client or project specifications.


With over 20 years’ experience, IACS can create and manage a procedure campaign for any size project with qualified and experienced Level 3 approved Welding Inspectors ensuring high-quality welding results.

IACS can also provide a full range of consultancy services throughout, supervising and testing welding operations to prevent costly Production Delays.

Quality through experience and expertise

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Quality Assurance that your welds will take the strain- not you!

Preventing mistakes, delays, costs and injuries, by employing a third party WPS specialists to write and oversee your welding programme provides assurance of sound, long-lasting welds.

  • Welding Pipe.

    Welding Pipe

  • Charpy Cooling.

    Charpy Cooling

  • Internal Welding Clamp.

    Internal Welding Clamp

  • Weld Procedure Qualification.

    Weld Procedure Qualification

  • Welding Pipe.

    Welding Pipe

Qualified expertise for every project, big or small

Pipeline infrastructure relies on sound, lasting welds, where nothing should be left to chance. IACS’s professional WPS system, designed and monitored by experienced Level 3 approved Welding Inspectors, will protect your productivity, operations, and investment.

IACS uses the latest welding surveillance equipment to monitor all welding variables, with real-time visible digital and hardcopy results saved to a Welding Procedure database system, designed for managing current and future welding activities. This means previous Welding Procedure Specifications can be searched, filtered, and reapplied to new projects, saving time and money.