One of the most technologically advanced Ultrasonic Testing

Surpassing all current NDT methods for grade of coverage, precision and speed, Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) testing offers superior weld flaw detection, including slag, intergranular stress corrosion cracking, and lack of fusion.

Applications include construction weld inspections up to nearly 500°C including spherical storage tanks, examination of steam drums in power generation, root corrosion detection in vessels, pre-service inspection of piping, welds, duplex pipelines and comprehensive nozzle inspections.

At the forefront of innovation and new technologies, IACS are in-demand providers of TOFD services to industry leaders globally.

Meeting the industry’s increasing need for cost-effective reliability and accuracy, TOFD’s pitch-scanning techniques can accurately size and monitor pre-existing or growing in-service discontinuities, with huge benefits for chemical and refining plant Risk Based Inspection (RBI).

Raising the game with world-leading technology

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Secure results, expertly delivered

All  IACS Time of Flight Diffraction Inspections are fully risk assessed and undertaken by CSWIP and PCN Level 2 qualified personnel to client pre-approved specifications and the most recent British / International standards.

Online encrypted database storage of digital results and reports allows clients easy remote visibility for instant progress updates, traceability, reference, auditing and future project planning.

  • TOFD and PAUT Probes.

    TOFD and PAUT Probes

Superior testing which can take the heat

Advantages of IACS Time of Flight Diffraction Inspections include:

  • Compatible with diverse weld bevel angles, flaw orientation, spherical units, etc
  • Precise sizing capability for ongoing flaw and corrosion monitoring
  • In-service inspection at ambient or high temperatures up to nearly 500°C
  • Swift single-beam scanning enables rapid large area coverage
  • Highly sensitive detection of all weld flaw types, low ‘false call’ rate
  • Examines wide range of material thickness (6mm – 300mm)
  • Quick set-up portable equipment reduces work disruption, more economical than Phased Array
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: no radiation or chemicals produced
  • Produces digital, fully traceable and auditable permanent records