Experts in Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) is a type of NDT testing in which advanced systems use ultrasound to volumetrically test materials for defects, weakness, cracks or other flaws.

PAUT enables a fast, qualitative inspection of new construction and in-service components without losing productive time clearing work areas of personnel or awaiting radiographic test results.

Building a strong reputation for accuracy and quality, IACS have been providing Phased Array services to some of the industry’s largest companies for over 15 years.

The speed, accuracy and non-invasiveness of PAUT systems benefits a variety of industrial processes including inspection of welds, wall thickness measurements, corrosion testing, flaw detection and rolling stock inspection.

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Qualified and well-respected personnel

All IACS Phased Array inspections are fully risk assessed and undertaken by CSWIP and PCN Level 2 qualified personnel to client pre-approved specifications and the most recent British / International standards.

Online encrypted database storage of digital results and reports allows clients easy remote visibility for instant progress updates, traceability, reference, auditing and future project planning.

  • PAUT & TOFD Probes.

    PAUT & TOFD Probes

Innovation drives increased efficiency

Advantages of IACS Phased Array inspections include:

  • Highly accurate, reliable defect detection and sizing
  • Real time display, data analysis and results
  • Fast scanning speeds reduces examination times
  • High levels of production with no disruption or delay to other pipeline operations
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: no radiation or chemicals produced
  • Portable and suited to use in a wide range of environments
  • Flexible for wall thicknesses and diameters (50-1400mm)
  • Produces digital, fully traceable and auditable permanent records