Manual Ultrasonic Testing Field Professionals

Manual Ultrasonic Testing (MUT) is a NDT method using short-wavelength ultrasonic beams to determine thickness, inspect for laminations and detect discontinuities in steel, other metals and alloys.

Extremely effective for inspecting and detecting corrosion or damage to components, MUT can also be used to test welding and is especially good at locating planar defects.

A respected company in MUT, IACS use PCN level 2 qualified personnel for all testing. Using a handheld probe and lightweight system, this service can be conducted by a single operative in a variety of environments, providing swift and accurate results.

Ultrasonic inspection has proved extremely valuable for the steel fabrication, renewable energy, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas industries and transport sectors.

Swift, accurate, mobile testing

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Direct access to your results

All IACS Manual Ultrasonic Inspections are fully risk assessed and undertaken by CSWIP and PCN Level 2 qualified personnel to client pre-approved specifications and the most recent British / International standards.

Testing results can be given immediately after examination.

  • UT Probes.

    UT Probes

  • Lamination Scan on Existing Weld.

    Lamination Scan on Existing Weld

Accuracy with a proven track record

Advantages of IACS Manual Ultrasound Testing include:

  • Highly accurate in determining material thickness, and size and shape of anomalies
  • Sensitive to both surface and sub-surface discontinuities
  • Depth of penetration and flaw detection superior to other NDT methods
  • Requires minimal part-preparation and disruption
  • Pulse-echo technique requires only single-sided access
  • Durable, portable touchscreen equipment provides instant results
  • Lightweight handheld equipment avoid technician fatigue and mistakes
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: no radiation or chemicals produced