Flaw detection to microscopic levels

Premature corrosion of a substrate is usually due to a coating failure. Holiday Detection or Continuity Testing is a NDT method applied on protective coatings to determine any imperfections and breaks in continuity.

Holiday testing detects the smallest coating flaws, invisible to the naked eye, using a low voltage to check if current flows in a complete electrical circuit. It is quick, low cost and can be conducted by a single person in dry conditions.

IACS use CSWIP-BGAS qualified personnel to perform all Holiday Detection Inspections in line with approved procedures.

Holiday Detection is commonly used on piping and structures coated with non-conductor coatings in the oil and gas industries. However, adaptations have made it increasingly effective and in demand across many applications, including  testing waterproofing membranes on roofing systems, bridge decks and even car park surfaces.

Don’t rely on the naked eye

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Fast technology in expert hands

All IACS Holiday Detection Inspections are fully risk assessed and undertaken by CSWIP-BGAS qualified personnel to client pre-approved specifications and the most recent British / International standards.

  • Holiday Detection on Coated Weld.

    Holiday Detection on Coated Weld

Early detection prevents costly corrosion

Advantages of IACS' Low Voltage Holiday Testing include:

  • Fast, accurate, reliable defect detection
  • Real time display, data analysis and results
  • Detects a range of coating discontinuities, including runs, tears and sags, cissing, cratering, pinholes and undercoating faults
  • Handheld, highly economical single operator cordless devices
  • Safer and less intrusive than high voltage testing
  • Less likely to cause cosmetic and functional damage to coatings or linings
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: no radiation or chemicals produced