High speed, high detection dynamic inspection

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) is a multi-technology Non-Destructive Testing process, widely recognised as the most accurate method of detecting and sizing weld flaws in a high-production environment.

Deploying driver software, the system uses a mechanised portable scanner with Phased Array and ultrasonic probes to detect discontinuities and feed back to a sophisticated data acquisition system.

Fully DNV approved, IACS use top-of-the-range multi-channel Phased Array and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) systems from Design Technologies UK to conduct advanced, accurate AUT.

Ideal for pipeline girth weld scanning, IACS' AUT inspections are highly effective for monitoring discontinuities over successive inspection intervals, calculating growth rates of discontinuities, and targeting repair or replacement activities.

Impressive results over large areas

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Laptop-accessible results, anywhere

All IACS Automated Ultrasonic Testing Inspections are fully risk assessed and undertaken by CSWIP Level 2 qualified personnel to client pre-approved specifications and the most recent British / International standards.

Online encrypted database storage of digital results and reports allows clients easy remote visibility for instant progress updates, traceability, reference, auditing and future project planning.

  • AUT Calibration.

    AUT Calibration

Industry-leading results for high-production environments

Advantages of IACS' AUT include:

  • Highly reliable, very accurate defect sizing, enables ongoing condition monitoring over time
  • Real time display, data analysis and results
  • Reactive control of welding process, giving lower rejection rate
  • Conductible during normal working hours, no disruption or extra costs
  • Produces digital, fully traceable and auditable permanent records
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: no radiation or chemicals produced
  • IACS' equipment has the ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures, humidity, extreme vibrations, shock and EMC noise
  • Industry recognised as the most accurate method of detecting and sizing weld flaws in high-production environments