Jérôme Marsein.


Jérôme Marsein, has been appointed as Social Media Correspondent and Programme Secretary Assistant (volunteer) at The Welding Institute’s London Branch.

New volunteer role for Jérôme Marsein

IACS is pleased to announce that Operations Director, Jérôme Marsein, has been appointed to the volunteer role of Social Media Correspondent and Programme Secretary Assistant at The Welding Institute’s London Branch.


Here Jérôme tells us about his new position, we find out more about The Welding Institute and why he initially joined the institution that is more than 100 years old!

What is involved in your new role with the Welding Institute?

For 12 months I will support the London branch as Social Media Correspondent and Programme Secretary Assistant. This will see me administer the London Branch’s private LinkedIn page.  

I will also be looking at how we can interact efficiently with the London Branch of the Welding Institute Community through social media. I also assist the Programme Secretary with identifying speakers and subjects to be presented in our regular Hybrid technical meetings, which are usually held in the Lancaster Hall Hotel. During the meetings, I act as the online technical support, making sure the online attendees are enjoying the presentations as if they were attending in person.

What part of your role are you looking forward to the most and do you have anything in store that you can tell us about?

I’m looking forward to helping to attract more members to meetings, while also providing support in reinvigorating the London branch.

Following the COVID years, many of the Institute’s members failed to attend the branch meetings in person. We want to remind them that there is so much more than a technical presentation, not least the opportunity to network.

So far, I have helped to organise centenary celebrations, which included finding sponsors for the branch River Cruise.

What’s next? We are currently working on a Hydrogen conference that is provisionally planned for autumn 2024. 

Can you tell us about The Welding Institute?

The Welding Institute is a professional engineering institution that’s responsible for the registration and certification of those that operate within welding, joining, and engineering.

As well as a strong knowledge base with regards to occupational standards and vocational qualifications, they are also an influential lobbying group that can often be found offering guidance to statutory bodies including The British Standards Institution, The Engineering Council and central government.

When did you become a member of The Welding Institute?

Although I could have joined the institute as an engineer, through my Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, I actually made the final decision to become a member in May 2022 once I completed my International Welding Engineering Diploma.

Why did you decide to complete your International Welding Engineering Diploma?

While welding is not integral to my role, it is to our industry. I wanted to know and learn more about this profession. I felt that it would enhance my own experience and dynamic skill set. It has also helped me to understand the challenges faced on cross-country pipelines.

It was the first diploma in a different language than my mother tongue, which presented a few challenges, but overall, I enjoyed the experience and also my time onsite. It’s also good to know that because of my study, we can now offer this service in-house in addition to our network of experienced consultants.

Why did you become a Member of The Welding Institute?

I attended a lecture given to the London Branch by Dr Patrick Lydon, Senior Consultant of IACS Corrosion Engineering and I realised how much being a Member could benefit me as well as the organisation.

How has The Welding Institute supported your career?

As a Member, I have access to webinars, meetings and visits that are developed by our Technical Groups around the interests of members.

Speakers include specialists with diverse experience and backgrounds covering the fields of welding practice, welding technology, metals and non-metals, other joining technologies, surface treatments, inspection, non-destructive tests, integrity assessment and integrity management across all industries from micro-electronics to heavy industry.

The Welding Institute also has a network of Branches, each managed by a dedicated team of volunteer Members just like me. Each branch organises and runs a programme of events that aim to explore the current and future materials and joining needs and the issues of industry. These have and continue to provide me with invaluable opportunities to build my professional and social networks while offering support outside of the work environment.

How has The Welding Institute supported the business?

As experts within our fields, the Institute has called upon us to provide guest lectures for the London Branch. This supports our values as a business in informing, educating and skills sharing – ultimately giving something back to those that operate within our industry.

It has also increased our visibility, enabling additional exposure to some clients.

Together this supports and enhances the reputation of our organisation.  

We also benefit from very specific knowledge acquired through various Technical Group Webinars.

What would you say to anyone considering membership?

The are so many benefits to becoming a Member, that can support your personal and professional development goals.

Networking is, without doubt, a key benefit.

Exchanging experience and knowledge with others working in areas related to your own is also a great way to expand your knowledge base while also obtaining Continuous Personal Development (CPD) points. This is invaluable, no matter what stage of your career you are at!

Experts from TWI regularly contribute their technical knowledge and expertise to international conferences and seminars, or to industry sector magazines and journals; this provides a valuable source of reference and industry guidance and all are accessible to Welding Institute Members.

To find out more about The Welding Institute and how to become a member, please visit: The Welding Institute - Home