Office Manager

I moved to IACS in 2005 after leaving my previous role at Citibank, initially to support Director John Hewitt with day to day administration, my role has developed as the company has grown. I oversee day to day office administration including coordination of project requirements and mobilisation of personnel including visa requirements and work permits. More than most ‘admin’ roles, due to the fast-moving global nature of our sector, no two days are ever quite the same, which I very much enjoy.

I’ve been involved in account management for a number of years for key clients and contracts in the UK, offshore and overseas. I was also involved in the establishment and administration of a joint venture training school based in Milton Keynes.

I also continue to provide support to John in his role as Director, including the pre-qualification, tendering and audit processes.

I enjoy spending time with my extended family and love the culture London has to offer. I also enjoy skiing, travel and exploring the UK.