Operations Director

I have a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and before joining IACS, I developed my professional career as a Project Manager in the IT industry, moving from France to the UK in 2013 to start a family.

Back in France, I was the captain of a Handball team. While I haven’t found time to restart my sports career over here (yet…), I really enjoy being a team player personally and professionally. I enjoy watching many sports and I am an unreserved rugby fan, especially my home team, ASM Clermont-Auvergne.

I love travelling and exploring new places, locally or overseas. I say I could survive on a desert island with ‘the basics’- cheese, bread and red wine!- but I’d miss my family too much, being a very proud father of two lovely children.

Having become a proud owner of a fully electric car, I’m passionate about increasing the efficiency of the organisation using modern digital technology and automation tools. It’s important to me to stay rooted in the practical side of things, so I’m also currently studying for the EWF/IIW International Welding Engineer Diploma- which also might come in useful on the desert island?