Vendor Inspection Manager

I’ve over 40 years’ experience in the Inspection Industry; perhaps unusually these days, working only for two companies: Roxby Engineering and IACS Ltd. I’ve spent the last 30 years managering worldwide Vendor Inspection Services to the onshore/offshore oil and gas industries. With many changes (and lots of advancements) over that time, my goal remains to provide the best possible, friendly service 24/7.

I enjoy watching all sport and I’m a lifelong Spurs, Harlequins and Middlesex supporter- so if there’s tears at one, there’s usually something to celebrate at one of the others- that’s the plan, anyway! I’m a regular swimmer, and occasionally playing badminton, tennis & golf.

I’ve been happily married since 10CC’s Dreadlock Holiday topped the charts. I have two great sons and still find it hard to believe that I, still a youngster surely, can also have 2 lovely grandchildren, one a teenager?!

I’ve been very lucky to have a fulfilling career working with some exceptional people, and I firmly believe the workplace should be a happy place.