Our qualified and experienced personnel are committed to providing services which meet the requirements of our clients in a professional, safe and environmentally friendly manner.

IACS currently employ a range of supervisory and engineering personnel including:

Quality Assurance : Managers, Auditors, Representatives and Inspectors

Quality Control: Senior Pipeline Inspectors, Senior Welding Inspectors and discipline Inspectors including agricultural, coating, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, dye penetrant, welding and radiographic interpreters.

Vendor inspection : Surveyors, Engineers, Inspectors and Expeditors.

Consultancy : Corrosion, Quality and Welding Engineers.

Project Services: Project Managers, Project Supervisors, Certification Engineers, Inspection Controllers, Documentation Controllers, Environmentalists, Agricultural Liaison Officers, Archaeologists and Health & Safety Managers.

Maintenance: Ultrasonic Practitioners, Magnetic Particle Inspectors and Dye Penentrant Inspectors.