Phased Array

Whilst radiography was the preferred method of examining  pipeline welds, technical developments within the NDT industry particularly in the USA and Canada over the last ten-fifteen year period have seen significant improvements in the ultrasonic method of examining welds.

Both automatic ultrasonic (AUT) and manual phased array (MPA) are relatively new techniques in the UK and Europe but during the last five-six year period have proven their value.

During construction of pipelines AUT would be used on the mainline whilst MPA would normally be used on pipe fabrications, tie-ins and at above ground installations.

The advantages of AUT and MPA include:

  • The systems are completely safe – there are no radiation hazards
  • A permanent record is produced which is auditable and can be incorporated into project records and quality data packages.
  • Fast scanning speeds result in reduced examination times.
  • The systems are very flexible for different wall thicknesses and diameters (50-1400mm).
  • Very reliable
  • Real time display, data analysis and results
  • Very accurate defect sizing
  • No disruption or delays caused to other pipeline operations
  • Environmentally friendly – no disposal of chemicals necessary
  • IACS has provided these services to a range of clients since 2009.